ARIA Operations – Bulk API Commands

While ARIA Operations is a robust & complex infra monitoring application, not every tool or functionality you’d need can be found. But via the ARIA Operations API, you can close that gap. Pictured below is the built-in Swagger interface which can be found by appending “/suite-api” to your Aria Operations URL example: My colleague Brock Peterson has a great blog on authentication and understanding the hundreds of objects [Read More…]

Part 2. What Software Development Can Learn From The Restaurant Business

Before jumping into the particulars on how ARIA Pipeline, Assembler, and Config tackle automation, let’s recap what is meant by “automation.” Automation in the DevOps lifecycle exists in 3 stages: Dev stage, DevOps stage, and the Ops stage. For the Dev stage, we’re attempting to perform Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) wherein code can be imported by a software developer, merged into an existing code base, unit tested for [Read More…]

What Software Development Can Learn From The Restaurant Business

The software development process is complex with many non-developer stakeholders who need to understand the process, measure the progress, and anticipate timeline delays. The standard DevOps framework (below) imagines this process as a continuous integration lifecycle that organizes a handful of key stages. I’ve numbered the stages and overlayed some VMware products into each stage to make the concepts more concrete in nature. Here’s the same DevOps lifecycle with [Read More…]