Part 2. Forwarding AWS Logs to Aria Operations for Logs

In Part 1, we created an EC2 instance on AWS, used a cron job to run a bash script which continously exports logs to a file on the ec2 instance, and used another bash script (automated by a cron job) to upload the logs to an s3 bucket. Now, using FluentD let’s get those logs from s3 pulling over into our local Aria Operations for Logs. First, we’ll want [Read More…]

Part 1. Forwarding AWS Logs to Aria Operations for Logs

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Aria Operations for Logs has a large marketplace of content packs designed to import logs from many types of 3rd party applications..but collecting logs into Aria Operations On Prem from native public clouds is not so fortunate, yet anyways. To hold us over till a native solution surfaces, there are workarounds and I’ll detail one below which relies on bash scripts, cron jobs, and fluentd to get the job [Read More…]